Put Your Unique Stamp on Your Space

Designing the ideal space, whether it’s your family home, your office space or another property you own, you want to make sure you get it right first time. Planning in advance will save you time and money in the long run, but it can also be an enjoyable process seeing your plans turn into a reality. Keep reading to find interior design tips, advice on renovating your house, or creating an inviting workspace for you and your employees.

Upgrading Your Home

Your home will have natural wear and tear over time, so it is important that you upgrade your home, not only from a safety point of view, but for those image-conscious people out there wanting to keep up with the latest trends. Putting an extension on your home can make a huge difference to the floorplan of your house, as well as increase it's value if you come to sell it down the line.

Innovative Home Designs

Creating the perfect environment, that takes in account practicality, maximises the available space, and provides a comfortable area for you and your family are the types of things you want to consider when designing your home. Take a look at my tips for creative innovative home designs, either by hiring a professional or braving the task yourself!


Making a Space

Have you got a spare room that is just a dumping ground of all your rubbish? Or have you got kids that are growing up, and need a space of their own? Or maybe you and your partner need another space to enjoy time apart every now and then? Whatever you need that extra space for, I have advice on what to choose in the space you have without the need of an extension.

Fit For Purpose

Your home isn’t the only place where interior design is important. Maybe you run a business with offices that are in need of a revamp, or you want to start renting a property but need it to start feeling more like a home. 

Owning a Rental Property

When you’re designing your own home, you pick design ideas that you like and would enjoy living with. However, that might not always be to everyone’s taste.

Whether you own a rental property for families, or as university student housing, you might want to consider creating more neutral modern tones, and include wet rooms, rather than standard bathrooms, so that they can be easily maintained and cleaned.

Office or Work Space

 If you run a business, you will want a suitable area for employees to work in, as well as other essentials like good toilet facilities and a well-thought-out staff room layout. This can help increase productivity if the environment is more suitable to work in.

If you work from home, however, you will want a space to be able to get in the zone. You can start this process by finding a quiet corner of the house and purchasing suitable office furniture, like a desk, supportive chair, and some shelving to put any documents you have safely away.

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